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Electric Mountain

Electric Mountain is First Hydro Company's visitor centre in Llanberis, 7 miles from Caernarfon. The centre is a split level layout that contains a gift shop, cafe, soft play area and starting point for the tour of Dinorwig power station. First Hydro Company is one of the UK's most dynamic electricity generators responsible for the management and operation of the pumped storage plants in Snowdonia.

The tour of Dinorwig is roughly an hour long that consists of a 10 minute introduction video and a mile long tour escorted by a personal guide. You jump onto a mountain bus and begin the journey through dark tunnels to the centre of Elidir Mountain and learn about it's history. Safety helmets are provided but as they are not suitable for young children under 4, unfortunately they cannot attend on the tour. Suitable footwear is required so no heels or flip flops and anyone who suffers from claustrophobia is advised not to take the tour as they may suffer some discomfort down the mountain's tunnels and caves.

Opening Times

April - September

10:00 - 16:30


Visitor Centre

Free Admission

Tour of Dinorwig Power Station

Adults - £8.50

Children - £4.35 (4-16 years)



  Gift Shop


  Play Area

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