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Saint David is the patron saint of Wales and is held on March 1 every year. The first day of March was chosen in rememberance of the death of Saint David

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Walking and Hiking in Caernarfon

Hiking isn't just fun, it's good for you too!

Wether you walk along a coastal path or up the highest point in Wales, there's a range of walks to suit everybody in Caernarfon.

North Wales has more clean beaches than you can shake a blue flag at and with a number of seaside towns there is plenty of sand to walk on. Snowdonia and Conwy has an amazing 142 miles of coastal walks and 90 different mountains including the highest one in England and Wales.

There are many of reasons to go for a walk in Caernarfon and these are just a few of them. Take a look at our Caernarfon guided and non guided walks to give you some inspiration. Why not stay in one of our walker friendly accommodation in Caernarfon?

As safety is the number one priority when out in the hills, please check out our walking top tips page.


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