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The Welsh flag is known as Y Ddraig Goch (the Red Dragon) The dragon always faces towards the hoist of the flag

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River Seiont

The River Seiont is the great river that serves as a channel where many can enjoy paddling, a riverbank picnic and other family activities. Generally accessed from the town of Caernarfon, this river referred to locally as Afon Seiont and flows northward towards the Menai Strait providing locals a natural play place for water-based adventures.

The river is over twenty kilometers and runs of very stiff rapids at certain points of the channel, which is indeed very inviting to adventurous kayakers and paddlers who can’t resist the call of a dangerous current. Though the rapids are highly risky, one will find spots along the river where they can make good use of their fishing rods for salmon and other types of fish.

The river itself is surrounded by timeless history and great many heritages which people can explore and learn from. The river is situated in the mouth of a town that boasts of surviving numerous sieges during its early foundation.

Apart from the portion of history which had already been known and recorded, the area features many known records of the existence of prehistoric settlers who had obviously chosen this place as their harbor because of the limitless resources they can get from the River Seiont.

The important lessons of the past are written all over the face of the land and the river. It is in itself, a witness to the passing of time and the great Welsh history that has shaped not only the fate of this town, but that of many other parts of the world, as the monarchs of old times had shielded themselves in this area with the river at one side and the strategic topography on the other.

The Seiont River is a gift of nature and a national treasure. Today, the River is as inviting as it has always been, and luring tourist and sight see to to it banks to marvel in its wealth and grandeur .

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